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Monofilm solution for fresh pasta

What is it. Polypropylene-based monofilm that not only integrates the performance of a multilayer laminate in terms of sealability, barrier and heat resistance in the sealing areas, but also improves the recyclability of the resulting packaging.

Accessibility focus. The solution presented, by incorporating in a single polypropylene-based film properties traditionally obtained by combining different films or materials together, represents a simplification in the packaging production process. Furthermore, its quality in the recycling phase is improved, thanks to the absence of lamination adhesives or the coupling of multiple materials. Compared to the "prevention levers" identified by CONAI as eco-design actions, the proposed solution meets the following criteria: - facilitation of recycling (given the non-use of lamination adhesives or the coupling of multiple materials); - saving of raw material (given the non-use of lamination adhesives). It is also possible to reduce the thickness and weight of the structure compared to the traditional solution considering the mechanical properties of the proposed film; - optimization and simplification of the packaging system, moving from a laminated structure to a monolayer; - optimization of logistics, not requiring the combination of different materials or films.

Manufacturing material. This packaging is designed for high quality recycling in the polypropylene (PP) stream.

Technology. It is a polypropylene-based monoweb that, thanks to the innovative CAM (Composite Advanced Materials) technology, combines the performance of a multi-material coupled packaging in a single film.

Product and potential markets. The product is presented as a transparent bag contained in a secondary cardboard packaging that can show useful information to the consumer without affecting the recyclability of the primary packaging. Alternatively, a separable label with consumer information can be applied to the bag itself. The application is designed for packaging fresh pasta in the refrigerated department.

Sustainability. The key elements are: simplification of the structure and reduction of the use of adhesives, producing a high quality packaging waste, recyclability of the packaging in the polyolefin stream, excellent product protection.

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