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  • Planet China

    Doing business in the Middle Kingdom: effectively managing relations between representatives, customers, suppliers and employees.
    Starting with this issue, ItaliaImballaggio will offer a series of reports and analyses by Alessandro Zaccarini - an Italian expert in China-Italy business relations - examining the main negotiation tactics and typical relations models among “local” managers and…
  • Stand-alone gluing system

    Robatech Italia (Cesena, FC) presents Cartoglue-LP to the operators of the paper converting industry: a self-adhesive glue system, extremely flexible, which combines “Swiss” precision with real economic competitiveness.
  • When public administration supports innovation

    ASTER is the consortium for innovation set up by Regione Emilia Romagna, by 6 Italian regional universities, by the CNR and ENEA and by the sector associations. It stands as a landmark for favouring company access to innovation, mainly via the coordination of the Hitech Network, a network of public and private research laboratories serving the entrepreneurial fabric. To better clarify purposes…
  • Growth figures

    The Marchesini Group continues to grow and invest, and also confirms good forecasts for 2013.
  • Metal packaging – Data 2012

    STEEL AND ALUMINIUM With 925,000 t of packaging produced, Italy is among the top packaging producers in the European ranking. Size of the market, user sectors and format characteristics.
  • Removals: a masterpiece of logistics

    Madina Printing Publishing MPPC has chosen GWS Printing Systems to transfer a heatset print unit from Oslo (Norway) to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • IMA grows and relaunches right across the board

    IMA closes 2012 with a preliminary strong growth, with consolidated revenues of 734.3 million euros (+9.7%), EBITDA of 101.4 million euros (+9%) and a backlog of orders worth 404.9 million euros (+7.1%)
  • Packaging pharmaceutical products

    FIGURES AND TRENDS According to analysis by Prometeia, in 2012 the pharmaceutical sector as a whole (OTC and non-prescription, including for hospitals and excluding veterinary) did not exceed modest growth (+0.5%). The present report examines only OTC and branded drugs sold at the pharmacy, of which it analyzes quantity and packaging configurations.
  • A biopolymer foam

    The four-year ReBioFoam research project, an effort to develop a foam made from organic, biodegradable biopolymers, has come to a close. Used as a protective packaging solution alternative to synthetic expanded materials, it will reduce recourse to landfill disposal with a leap forward for recovery.
  • Recycling? It’s a bargain!

    The business volume reached by the Italian recycling industry is equal to that of the cosmetics sector and greater than that of textiles. But, most importantly, it’s growing: Conai explains the how and the why.
  • Research and entrepreneurship: between public and private

    Objective: innovation for competitivity The most important card to exit the crisis will be played in investment in R&D. We focus attention on structures within Italy, particularly in the area of Emilia, that offer companies suitable tools to effectively innovate and also to access funds. Focus on CRIT, IR4I, Aster. by Riccardo Ceredi
  • Almost a Bildungsroman*

    B&R are inaugurating the Italian Automation Academy, a structure entirely dedicated to training, and thus they are “writing” a telling story of commitment in favour of a serious approach to automation. The sense and the scope of this undertaking is rounded off by the network of relations and agreements with Academies, Research Centers and obviously, the market. L.G.
  • Packaging for cosmetics & perfumes

    DATA AND FACTS Following a 2011 growth rate totaling 4.6%, in 2012 even the cosmetics/perfume sector had to “take account” of the worsening economic crisis in Italy and in Europe: the drop is in domestic demand, in particular, and the “historically” countercyclical nature of the sector has marked the time. On the other hand, subcontractors and exports are doing well. The numbers for packaging, by…
  • Remote assistance turns smart

    Visionlab has empowered  the teleassistance and control of its products via the use of latest generation tablets and smartphones, based on Android as well as iOS (Apple) operating systems.
  • E-commerce+management+workflow: one software

    Edigit Ltd (BO, management software for Graphic Arts) presented last Viscom Italy a new integrated system dedicated to companies that print digital, which combines e-commerce+management +workflow in one solution.

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