Facts and data

  • The packaging of dairy products

    Jul 19, 2024
    In Italy, the pro-capita consumption of dairy products stands at around 286 kg per year. This analysis examines the following segments: milk for direct consumption (excluding that for industrial use), cheeses, butter and yoghurt.
  • Increasingly green companies with the new EU measures

    Jun 18, 2024
    2024 is a year of measures on sustainability for the European Union, committed for some time to regulating a number of key factors for the creation of a green economy from the point of view of development practices and models.
  • Sustainable cosmetics packaging: Aliplast presents guidelines developed with Cosmetica Italia

    Jun 14, 2024
    Presented during Cosmoprof Worldwide 2024, the white paper “Plastic packaging in the cosmetics sector” is a handbook developed by Aliplast (Hera Group) and Cosmetica Italia to set out the basic concepts of recycling for the world of beauty, which is increasingly attentive to sustainability but not close enough to the new innovative materials with recycled content available on the market.
  • Focus on nutraceutical products (2024)

    Jun 13, 2024
    Alongside the pharmaceutical sector, also the subject of ever-increasing attention, there is the category of nutraceutical products, that is to say, all those food supplements which, while not drugs, are in any case used as a remedy for various health problems.
  • Outlook 2027: growth trend of machines for pharma

    Jun 11, 2024
    The expected growth of the global pharma market at a CAGR of between +5 and 8% to 2028 will drive machinery for packaging pharma products sector, which for its part will grow at a rate of 2.8% per year, achieving in 2027 a value of as much as 961.2 million euros higher than in 2022.
  • Green light for the Transition 5.0 Programme

    May 14, 2024
    With the publication of Decree-Law no. 19 of 2 March 2024, a new tax credit was issued for investments made in the two-year period 2024-2025 in relation to the “Transition 5.0 Programme”. The aim of the measure is to support the digital and energy transformation of enterprises.
  • The Best Packaging 2024 winners

    May 08, 2024
    Held at l’Archivolto in Milan, the award ceremony for the 10 Best Packaging 2024 awards was enlivened by the presenter Natasha Stefanenko and numerous guests, who presented interesting projects with strong elements of innovation.
  • How does sustainable innovation become a success story?

    May 07, 2024
    The answer lies in a study that CONAI commissioned to the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, with the aim of investigating how an idea of packaging innovation is conceived and developed. To this end, a number of winning companies of the Conai Competitions between 2019 and 2022 were selected, on the basis of the material treated, the market sector and the ecodesign levers activated.
  • Visions of beauty: 2024-2029 trends revealed

    Apr 30, 2024
    The concept of Vitalism (living stronger and longer) is the main theme of the second edition of CosmoVision. The study offers a predictive insight into macro-social trends and their effects in the beauty sector until 2029, with the objective providing strategic insights into the sector.
  • The Italian Packaging Institute enters Europen

    Apr 23, 2024
    After its membership of WPO (World Packaging Organisation) and EPIC (European Packaging Institutes Consortium), its membership of Europen represents a further strategic step towards internationalisation.
  • Wooden packaging (final balance 2022)

    Apr 23, 2024
    Pallets, industrial packages, boxes and corks: the wooden packaging family is composed of these different types. The final 2022 data of the segment and the first analyses of the year just ended are presented below
  • Packaging Regulation: the concerns of operators

    Apr 22, 2024
    The result of ItaliaImballaggio’s recent survey: for 75% of interviewees, the PPWR will have negative effect on companies and the solutions proposed will be difficult to put into practice.
  • The latest from Brofind®: FTA Awards, gender equality and orders

    Apr 15, 2024
    Important news for Brofind® which, since 1993, has been operating at a global level offering advanced solutions in the field of solvent recovery units with steam regeneration and direct, regenerative thermal, recuperative thermal and catalytic oxidizers.
  • Sidel and EcoVadis for a sustainable supply chain

    Apr 08, 2024
    Thanks to the partnership, Sidel is confident of being able to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the goods and services purchased by around 30% by 2030 compared to 2019 values.
  • A digital trap campaign for aerosol cans

    Apr 05, 2024
    Spray Sereno is the name of the communication project developed by Ricrea in partnership with AIA Federchimica, Cial and Anfima, which has surpassed 42 million impressions on TikTok and Instagram. The disposal of the cans now has no more secrets, also for youngsters.

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