Facts and data

  • Aldi continues its “Missione Im-Ballo” packaging campaign

    ALDI’s “Missione Im-Ballo! Ridurre. Riutilizzare. Riciclare.” (“Mission Packaging, Reduce. Reuse. Recycle”) campaign launched in 2018 with the aim of optimising the use of packaging materials and promoting virtuous packaging waste management is progressing well.
  • The art of making a difference

    “Congratulations, a job truly well done”: this was the comment I made to myself after attending the Robatech virtual event, which had as its theme “the new dimension of gluing”. 
  • Today’s challenges, tomorrow’s opportunities

    Sustainability of packaging is becoming more and more topical, between emission reductions and the recycling chain. The insights proposed by a multidisciplinary parterre of experts, convened by the UCIMA Research and Innovation Commission.  Maria Costanza Candi
  • Export of machinery to Russia: the EAC news

    AC&E supports companies in complying with the complex and constantly evolving regulations for exporting industrial machinery and electrical equipment to Russia and the Eurasian Customs Union, a growing market that offers excellent opportunities. The latest news on EAC certification.
  • Ecoshell: a “single dosage” paper pack

    As a result of constant R&D work in the field of materials with low environmental impact and eco-design, ACMA presents Ecoshell, a paper-based packaging with an original design, ideal in all areas where practicality and sustainability represent an added value.
  • Wood recycling helps the environment

    Nell’anno della pandemia il sistema circolare italiano del riciclo del legno ha dimostrato solidità e resilienza, garantendo costantemente sia la raccolta attraverso le 421 piattaforme sparse sul territorio nazionale, sia la capacità di assorbimento da parte delle industrie del riciclo consorziate.
  • Nutraceuticals: market and packaging

    Market data, type of consumption, distribution and packaging of nutraceuticals. Within the EU, Italy ranks first both for consumption and production.
  • Metal packaging – Data 2020

    Sturdy, unbreakable, air-tight: these are the characteristics of steel or aluminum packaging, hence perfect for preserving food products. Market numbers per type, expressed by the sector in 2020 in Italy.  
  • The Italian pharmaceutical industry excels in Europe

    According to the Farmindustria-Prometeia 2020 report, in 2019 the value of production grew to 34 billion euros (32.2 billion in 2018), exclusively thanks to the growth of exports (+25.6% equal to 32.6 billion euros), which in the last three years accounted for 85% of the total. Milena Bernardi

  • The EU cosmetics market slowly picks up again

    The European cosmetics industry closed 2020 amid signs of distress. The repercussions of the pandemic were felt in many of the 27 member states, which reported significant declines in turnover. The industry recorded a 3.5% year-on-year contraction in 2020 to US $118.8 billion compared to the US $123 billion of 2019.
  • Electrical equipment: updated standard EN 60204-1 ed. 6

    On 27 May 2021 the new reference standard for the safety of electrical equipment of industrial machines comes into force.  The focus of the update is electromagnetic compatibility, for which more stringent testing procedures are now required. AC&E supports companies that need to achieve compliance, with a targeted service, according to the specifications of the plant and the country of…
  • The four X’s of EXTRA(ordinary), Marchesini digital platform

    Marchesini Group presents EXTRA, a new online platform that allows customers to enter the company remotely, participating in new streaming events. Once again, all the digital formats proposed are marked by the X in “Extraordinary”, which symbolises the Group’s extraordinary inventiveness and ability to respond to customer requests with personalised solutions.
  • Guala Closures achieves and exceeds its 2020 sustainability targets

    Guala Closures Group ha pubblicato la relazione sulla sostenibilità per l’anno 2020 (decima edizione) segnalando come tutti gli obiettivi siano stati raggiunti o superati nonostante i disagi causati dalla pandemia: miglioramento nei livelli di carbon footprint, nuove linee guida per la progettazione ecocompatibile, maggiore utilizzo di materiali riciclati e l'introduzione di una Carta della…
  • Italian pet food market unaffected by the crisis

    The Italian pet food market continues to show a high level of dynamism and potential with a turnover of more than €2 billion in 2020 (+4.2% in value and +2% in volume with respect to 2019).
  • The added value of automation

    The key benefits of packaging automation were the focus of a recent Sealed Air PackForum event; delegates from across Europe learned how automated systems can maximize efficiency, minimize downtime and improve product protection.
  • PVC: consumption in Italy in 2020

    The annual survey of PVC consumption in Italy carried out by Plastic Consult on behalf of PVC Forum Italia revealed a total quantity of 590,000 tons of processed PVC in 2020, about 7% down on the previous year’s figure.
  • Togni Spa

    San Cassiano Gala is a new line of mineral water that flows from the historic source of the Marche region, in the new and refined glass bottle that seems to be designed by the water itself