Facts and data

  • Thomas Engineering Joins IMA Active

    IMA ha perfezionato l'acquisizione di Thomas Engineering, tra i principali attori statunitensi nel settore degli impianti per il rivestimento di compresse con sede a Elgin, Illinois.
  • Taghleef Industries and Poplast

    The stand-up pouch made of 100g/m² one-side coated paper laminated with Taghleef Industries' high barrier film EXTENDO® XZMX 18 μm combines the advantages of BoPP films with barrier performance similar to traditional polymers, high performance in terms of weight reduction and improved recyclability of the packaging.
  • Taghleef Industries and Filmac

    Biotape adhesive tape is made with raw materials from renewable resources of plant origin (PP derived from tall oil, obtained from the extraction of cellulose present in wood waste). Due to its excellent technical performance, high thermal stability and effective workability, it is a valid alternative to similar products made with raw materials of fossil origin.
  • Smurfit Kappa

    “Save the Bottle” is a pop-up insert (patent pending) for e-commerce packaging of bottles or flacons; easy to assemble, resistant, sustainable, it is designed to give maximum visibility to the product, and at the same time protect its integrity during transport. The solution is tested according to the strictest ISTA protocols.
  • Sipa

    Packaging for spices and dry foods consisting of a pair of mini stackable rPET bottles, contained in a secondary packaging of recycled cardboard
  • SDR PACK for Altromercato

    Recyclable packaging with paper for the bar of Nocciolato, high quality gianduia chocolate. It guarantees the optimal preservation of the organoleptic properties of the product, prolonging its shelf life. It is proposed as an alternative to the previously used laminated plastic packaging.
  • Sacchital Group and Colussi Group

    Developed and produced by Sacchital, Compoflex System® is a line of innovative and sustainable packaging, 100% compostable (UNI EN 13432 certified), with high barrier to oxygen and moisture.
  • Rigenera | Eumakers

    EUMAKEIT is an upcycling design project based on the functional reuse of the primary and secondary packaging of the EUMAKERS spool (patented) for PLA filaments through multicomponent design and integration with 3D printing technology.

    The Ecosustainable Liquid Absorbing Tray - Vale is patented for fresh or frozen food products, and is made of compostable paper material.
  • Sustainability of e-commerce packaging in 8 guidelines

    Eight key recommendations, identified by Netcomm and Comieco in the document “Guidelines for the correct use of packaging for e-commerce for the purposes of environmental sustainability”, are guiding companies operating in online commerce and operators in the logistics chain towards correct choices and behaviors.
  • Packaging & e-commerce – Data 2020

    Among other things, 2020 will be remembered as the year of e-commerce and delivery. In fact, due to the multiple restrictions necessitated by the global pandemic, the use of online shopping has skyrocketed. And it was above all the purchase of consumer and instrumental goods that drove the growth of the sector since, due to the global health situation, purchases related to services, in particular…
  • E-commerce: the global market from here to 2025

    The growth rates recorded by the e-commerce market in recent years confirm an almost unstoppable trend. The global scenario in the period 2019-2025 according to www.statista.com. Milena Bernardi      

    Masterbio is a film from Masterpack's ECO-LOGIC product line, suitable for packaging fresh produce. Compostable, thanks to a special internal material it can be sealed on Earthcycle trays by CKF inc, made of wood fiber certified for food contact and compostable in their turn. The film also guarantees excellent peelability for easy opening

    A small frisby contained in a recycled cardboard case becomes a promotional gadget, to be used to give a smile and a moment of conscious fun with a ”remote" game , emphasizing the sense of social responsibility.

    Patented system for the packaging, handling and storage of industrial film reels, GLOBETROTTER Kit is proposed as an alternative solution to the use of wood, guaranteeing approved and certified performance standards.
  • International Paper – HP-Punnet

    Acronym for High Performance Punnet (Basket), HP-Punnet is a Patent Pending solution for the packaging of wet or damp (drained) fruit and vegetables.
  • Henkel Italy

    The ProNature product line is characterized by a packaging of great environmental and social value. The use of recycled plastic, coming from post-consumer material, has been extended to different processing technologies: extrusion and blow molding for HDPE bottles, ISBM and thermoforming for PET bottles and blisters, injection for PP caps.
  • Gualapack SpA - Tethered CAP

    At the forefront in proposing eco-sustainable solutions, with an eye to the end user, Gualapack has designed Tethered CAP following the proposals of the Single Use Plastic directive (in force since 2024), whose main objective is the reduction of single-use plastic waste in the environment.
  • Gualapack SpA – Pouch5

    Pouch5 is the first flexible packaging with high performance spout; a "spouted pouch" for food use, it is ready to be recycled in the polypropylene (PP) chain.