Facts and data

  • Delocalising Italian style

    INDIA Mac Due tells the story of a joint venture started on the Indian subcontinent in order to produce semi-automatic packaging machines with Western quality standards at Eastern costs, with the objective of winning over emerging markets and of being more competitive on the Western markets.
  • The world is changing ... automation likewise

    ENCOUNTERS Safety and flexibility for the machines of today and tomorrow. At the Consumer Packaged Goods symposium, organized by Rockwell Automation, manufacturers and users exchanged opinions on business and sustainability.
    Stefano Lavorini
  • OSCAR 2012 - And the winner is ...

    A “technological” packaging Oscar, that of 2012. Held under the auspices of Ipack-Ima, the Oscar dell’imballaggio organized by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio indeed aimed at awarding the solutions that - thanks to cutting-edge technical solutions - highlighted the primary qualities of packaging’s capacity to protect, its function of use, its sustainability.
  • Linking University

    ACADEMY AND INDUSTRY A platform for exchanges, capable of furthering the dialogue between representatives of science and industry. The objective of the Linking University project is clear: open a constant communication channel between working bodies so that innovation, which is nourished by different skills, becomes a real business driver for the automation industry. Ideas and opportunities to be…
  • New leadership, new technologies

    After the resignation for reasons of age of Helge Hansen, Christoph Müller has been appointed the new president of Koenig & Bauer AG.
  • Technology and civil behaviour

    In Milan, a new road sign system identifying what has been called Area C, with traffic restrictions, communicating the restrictions on the circulation of private vehicles, aims to improve relations between the city authorities and the public.
  • OSCAR 2012: technology, growth driver

    The 2012 “Oscar dell’imballaggio” this year focuses on technological innovation of packaging systems and products. However, concepts of environmental sustainability are as ever a major feature.
    The competition is held under the auspices of Ipack-Ima 2012: the awards ceremony for the solutions entered will be held February 29th 2012 at 4 pm, in the Progettare il Futuro Hall.
  • Grand manoeuvres in recycled packaging

    DS Smith Plc has recently announced the proposed purchase of the packaging division of Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA Packaging), with the exception of the kraftliner activities, for a net amount of approximately 1.6 billion euro.
  • SAP Quality Award: the silver goes to F&B

    Ferrarini & Benelli received SAP Quality Award Silver Winner 2011 Italy.
    The award recognizes excellence in SAP software implementations and celebrates customers who use SAP’s quality principles to effectively manage software implementations that meet the organization’s business process requirements and deliver significant business value.
  • “What will become of us …?"

    This is what the experts of Taga Italia, WGM and other reputable concerns from the printing world were wondering while gathered together September last in the World Graphic Machine showroom.
  • A certification for the paper industry

    As a result of the successes of CERTIprint, Studio Xilox has designed field CERTIpack, a new technical certification process recognized by TÜV Austria and specifically for paper converting companies.
  • Packaging: how much is produced

    The reversal of the trend from a plus sign to a negative which affected the global and Italian economies during the second semester of 2011, with negative repercussions on manufacturing, could not avoid influencing the packaging sector.
  • The industry at the time of Ipack-Ima

    Comforted by the figures that speak of performance going against the prevailing trend of the Italian industrial system, the Italian operators of the packaging and processing materials and machine segment are about to give rise to the 2012 edition of Ipack Ima (Fiera Milano, Rho, 28th February - 3rd March).
  • For SIT it is the year of the beehive

    The excellent organization of a beehive as a metaphor of a successful company: this is the theme around which SIT has created “its” calendar for 2012, a cult object that has seen the new year in for close on two decades now.
  • Plotting a course

    Factual proof The market, the entrepreneurs, the general public needs certainties. Let’s hence take a look at the little big world of packaging that, astride February and March, will meet up at Ipack Ima, this also to find reasons for optimism. The conditions are there. Luciana Guidotti
  • The responsible packaging of… Henkel Italia

    Henkel Italia Detergency also “plays” the sustainability card in its promo activities. Fielding consumer targeted promotional actions has become fundamental to modern retail distribution.
  • Labeling: EU Regulation 1169/2011

    The new EU Regulation 1169/2011  on the provision of food information to consumers was published in the Official EU Journal dated  22-11.2011.  The final text is the result of years of work within the European institutions and helps to unify the laws of the single countries. The regulation systemically orders the complex field of food labeling, guaranteeing consumers the right to be well informed…
  • Green economy

    Ecomondo, the international trade fair for material and energy recovery and sustainable development (Rimini, 9-12th November 2011), concluded its 16th edition with a 16.7% increase of visitors (75,980 in total) and 49% increase of foreign operators (7,754).
  • Lucaprint buys up and extends its range

    Last November, the Vicenza based paper group Lucaprint completed the acquisition of the CO-VER Industrial Processes Srl.
    The last one is specialized in the production of cases with saw-edges for aluminum foil, baking paper and stretch film for food and with a strong international vocation: the group is in fact supplier to leading film and foil producers in France, the UK and Germany, that…