Facts and data

  • Best Packaging awards 2021

    The winners of the “Best Packaging 2021. The Packaging of the Future” contest were announced on 19 October during the Re-Economy Summit, a livestreamed event organised by Il Sole 24 Ore.
  • Layer upon layer until the goal is achieved

    Environmental and economic sustainability also means having a 30-micron packaging film instead of a 50-micron one. Today it is in fact possible to save up to 25% of material - with GAP’s 27-layer blown film extrusion lines - but there is still a strong fear of “change” on the part of converters and, above all, of the brand owners who make up the market.
  • Story of a virtuous Forest

    Thanks to the contribution of the associated cardboard box manufacturers, 660 new plants are living on the Asiago Plateau in the Forest of the Italian Boxmakers Association - Acis. How support for the experimental project “Oltre Vaia” was born and developed, an example of resilience of a territory hard hit by the 2018 storm.
  • Green energy for green packaging

    From LT Renewables Group, proposals and solutions for the installation of photovoltaic systems in the industrial sector: costs and benefits of a “low environmental impact” path.
  • IM GROUP’s Inkmaker joint ventures with Longtec in China

    Inkmaker Shanghai, filiale cinese del gruppo industriale di recente rinominato IM GROUP (già Inkmaker Group), ha siglato una joint-venture con Zhuhai Longtec Corp. Ltd., meglio nota come Longtec (ricerca e sviluppo di sistemi di controllo intelligente integrato, misuratori di processo, dispositivi di interfaccia umana, software e apparecchiature di processo automatizzate).
  • Recosys®: a virtuous circle

    The recycling program for transfer products “made in Kurz” is full of ideas and makes it possible to close the circle of sustainability. And Luxoro makes itself the spokesperson: green goals also in finishing.
  • Genesis of a Group

    The growth strategies implemented by Punto Pack, which acquires MAV and consolidates its position as a B Corp, in the name of circular economy and sustainability. Shared objectives and real synergies in the production of plastic packaging.
  • Magnoni sells 100% of its shares to LM Group

    As part of its ongoing expansion programme, on 14 September the LM Group completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Magnoni, a Modena-based company that has been designing and building customised handling systems for bulk and packaged products in the food and beverage sectors for over 60 years.
  • Rockwell completes its acquisition of Plex Systems

    Plex will be reported as part of Rockwell’s Software and Control operating segment which provides leading hardware and software offerings for the design, operation, and maintenance of production automation and management systems.
  • TOPAS® COC receive further environmental certifications

    Through a Critical Guidance Recognition, the APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) has confirmed that multi-layer films for stand-up pouches containing 15.5% TOPAS® cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) are suitable for recycling in PE waste streams.
  • The packaging of cleanliness

    Market data, facts and types of packaging for household cleaning products. Analysis 2020 and first forecasts 2021.
  • Neos doubles its turnover and workforce

    Neos, a young Fiorano, Modena-based company set up with the aim of designing and developing innovative digital printing technologies, has expanded its range of services to a number of sectors in addition to ceramics.
  • ECO-DESIGN: the Conai competition Episode 3

    Called upon to join the jury that will have to analyze the 319 products entered in the 2021 edition of the CONAI Call for Proposals and declare the winners, Barbara del Curto* talks about the new awareness of the industry in designing sustainable packaging. In addition to establishing the rules of less environmental impact, among their priorities are the analysis of the end of life of a packaging…
  • Sustainable actions for mankind and the environment

    In planning its development strategies, IMA takes into account the economic, social and environmental implications of its operations, with the aim of ensuring a balance between competitiveness, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.