• From the label to the packaged product

    Technological choices for a sustainable future. P.E. Labellers, Irplast e Refresco-Spumador - three authoritative voices of Made in Italy - have embarked on a common path by focusing on technological innovation as a key growth factor, the only one able to make packaging evolve towards sustainability.
  • Responsible and “user-friendly” marking

    A modular layout that can be customized and (re)configured over time, with interchangeable components with reduced environmental impact; a radical and ergonomic re-design that favors the interaction of the operators with the machine. These are the focuses of Zanasi’s “Responsible Design” that, with the CIJ.Z platform, sets new construction standards in industrial marking.
  • Ultrasonic zipper sealing: durable and precise

    Herrmann Ultraschall presents ZSM, a modular system for continuous ultrasonic zipper sealing on flat-bottom pouches and tubular bags, in plastic (also in mono-material) and paper-based composite materials. 
  • Deep Learning inspections for perfect packaging

    The economic damage caused by poorly packaged or unrecognisable batches is considerable, as is the damage caused by defects that have a negative impact on brand image.  The deep learning technologies used on Cognex International inspection systems help prevent problems. Paolo Stevanin, regional manager of the company, explains.
  • Innovating responsibly

    From the launch of the eco-friendly closures of the Blossom line, to the smart  NĕSTGATE, up to the implementation of Industry 4.0 paradigms to optimise industrial processes and launch many activities with low environmental impact, innovation and sustainability have marked Guala Closures year 2021. 
  • Proposals for technological “upgrades” at the end of the line

    D.C.M. è partner di riferimento per gli OEM, chiamati a proporre impianti sempre più automatizzati, flessibili e integrati, per ogni step del ciclo produttivo. Per ottimizzare i processi al fine linea, l’azienda fornisce soluzioni customizzate, dalla palettizzazione alla logistica e-commerce, che offrono sicuri vantaggi in termini di efficienza.
  • The intelligent transport XTS in flow pack machines

    Cavanna Packaging, costruttore leader di confezionatrici flow-pack per prodotti food e non, ha equipaggiato le sue macchine con il sistema di trasporto XTS e la tecnologia di comunicazione EtherCAT di Beckhoff. Decisivi i vantaggi in termini di efficienza e flessibilità, a partire dalla prima applicazione su un impianto flow-pack di biscotti.
  • Etifix installs new SCREEN Truepress Jet L350UV SAI E

    Etifix, an Italian company with a strong position in the cosmetics market, has adopted the new SCREEN Truepress Jet L350UV SAI E label press with the aim of entering new markets and meeting high sustainability standards.
  • IXON complies with IEC 62443 standards for cyber security

    IXON works alongside machine builders to guarantee the security of their IT/OT technologies. The Dutch company, which provides remote services and IIoT solutions for machine builders and system integrators, has obtained certification to the IEC 62443 security standard through collaboration with Applied Risk, a recognised partner in the field of cyber security.
  • hubergroup launches water-based ink mixing system

    More sustainability and flexibility for printers and packaging manufacturers - that is the promise of HYDRO-X Green Line Premium, the new water-based ink mixing modular system from hubergroup Print Solutions.
  • Authentication label for A2 milk

    A Swiss food testing company SwissDeCode has launched the A2 INSIDE Label, which is intended to help end user to identify the efforts of dairy producers in guaranteeing authentic A2 milk products.
  • Prevent food waste thanks to a dynamic algorithm

    To reduce food waste in the in the GDO channel the Israeli start-up company Wasteless - supported by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) - has developed a smart algorithm that allows the application of dynamic pricing markdowns based on expiry dates. (Source: AIPIA).
  • Birra Peroni leverages blockchain traceability

    The Italian beer brand Birra Peroni, part of the Japanese Asahi Group, is now using EY OpsChain Traceability on the public Ethereum blockchain for supply chain traceability. The solution mints non-fungible tokens (NFTs), providing a unique, digital certificate of ownership for each batch of beer.
  • Recyclable RFID tag

    Part of Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging’s portfolio of food and beverage RFID labels - known as the ECO RFID Food & Beverage Collection - ECO Meal is a new UHF RFID tag, with a printed paper antenna, designed to be attached to frozen entrees or other microwaveable packed foods.
  • Strawberries tracked through QR and RFID combination

    Belgian fresh fruit and vegetable auctioneers Coöperatie Hoogstraten has worked with RFID technology supplier Aucxis to provide visibility and to track the movements of its strawberries throughout the supply chain.