• BliStar and KARTOS: new products “made in” MG2

    The path of innovation undertaken by MG2 continues apace and, in addition to the success of its famous continuous-motion capsule fillers, is now consolidated in the primary and secondary packaging field, with the solutions developed by the dedicated Packaging Division.
  • Custom solutions for online label printing

    Dinamicità, qualità e competenza. Forte di questa identità e degli oltre 50 anni di esperienza nella stampa di etichette adesive, LabelDoo ha messo a disposizione i propri servizi online con offerte calibrate sulle esigenze di qualsiasi comparto.
  • Complete packaging of inhalers

    Marchesini Group, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machines, has delivered to an American multinational a line that packages inhalers inside flowpacks at a speed of 200 cartons per minute.
  • The digital approach to efficiency

    Digital training e services per potenziare le attività di produzione e la gestione degli impianti: le iniziative del Gruppo IMA studiate per il mondo manifatturiero.
  • Efficient hot gluing application with EcoStitch™

    The new EcoStitch™ technology is focused on reaching adhesive usage optimization and downtime reduction, which results in significant economic saving: Valco Melton’s new all-electric solution for end-of-line packaging allows total control of the complete hot melt application process and important glue savings
  • Hygienic and high-performance premo® actuators

    premo® is the WITTENSTEIN alpha fully scalable actuator series with DC bus voltage up to 750 V. A series with a screwless design for optimal cleaning, also available with food-grade lubricant, offering maximum power density with low weight.
  • Safe pallets with stabilizing adhesive

    In 2020, the Swissmill installed the Robatech ANTISLIP GLUING adhesive application system to reliably stabilize cardboard packages placed on pallets. The result is sustainable and efficient: 75% less plastic film consumption and time savings for a low investment.
  • State markings: easy and clean gluing

    Imballaggi Pk ’s proven series of EME gluing machines (gumming machines) for labels and sheets of paper covers a wide range of applications in the small batch labeling sector.
  • MontBlanc repair powder

    A 100% titanium dioxide free white from Salchi Metalcoat for the internal protection of the side seals of cans.
  • Small, digital and networked

    The Schmersal Group offers machine safety solutions that achieve maximum effect with minimum space requirements.
  • An all-round partner for the pharma industry

    The wide range of Omas Tecnosistemi solutions for the pharmaceutical sector meets the needs of both small and large companies, with continuous lines capable of achieving high productivity.
  • Filling & capping line for ophthalmic products

    Among the most recent projects, Omas Tecnosistemi has recently supplied a sterile line for filling & capping ophthalmic products, installed into a frame with OPEN RABS and LAMINAR FLOW.
  • Tethered closure solutions

    Tethered caps - caps that remain attached to containers during product use (including opening and closing) - will become part of our daily lives in Europe starting in 2024.