• Premium boxboard for luxury products

    Turkish packaging specialist PrintPark has chosen the unique characteristics of Atelier, Sappi’s newly developed folding boxboard 1, to communicate the brand values of premium products from Istanbul-based cosmetics company Flormar.
  • Think green with Paperdose

    Always attentive to environmental sustainability, Valmatic has developed a new range of thermoformed paper containers.
  • Coffee roasted in jail: its story in a pack

    Zuivere Koffie collaborated with Metsä Board - leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards - and with the converter, Remmert Dekker Packaging, in order to create a packaging capable of drawing the attention and supporting the special story of its new range of organic coffee: the first one in the world roasted in a prison.
  • S.Bernardo launches helical-shaped 100% recycled plastic bottles

    S.Bernardo is preparing for the May launch of a new 100% recycled and sustainable mineral water bottle with a helical shape and decorative droplets arranged in a Fibonacci sequence. The new bottle is produced at the company’s Garessio plant which is powered by clean and natural wind energy.
  • All-round cold printing

    Boundless quality with KPS SX+. Luxoro presents Kurz’s recent development of a cold transfer product that is so flexible that it can be adapted to all kinds of applications: a decisive step forward in terms of application, both compared to previous solutions and those of its competitors.
  • A mineral water with a green heart, like its packaging

    Awarded as the best “New Entry 2020” in the Beverage category at the Brands Awards 2020* edition, Acqua Frasassi presents a renewed visual identity, adopted to launch the call to action “Let’s think about the future responsibly”.
  • PelletBox: sustainable and smart

    The ecofriendly packaging for pellets designed and manufactured by Stora Enso, in collaboration with Finnish packaging designer Karoliina Pennanen, has received the prestigious Worldstar award.
  • SoPure®: safe for mums, environmentally friendly

    Fondata nel 1939 a Bologna, Pelliconi è oggi leader mondiale nella produzione di tappi e chiusure in metallo e plastica per il Food&Beverage. E, nel nome della sicurezza, lancia una capsula metallica press-on twist-off per il baby food con una guarnizione priva di PVC.
  • The Oscar goes ethical, and looks to tomorrow

    Milan, 19 November 2020. Small revolution taking place in the BEST PACKAGING contest, promoted by Istituto Italiano Imballaggio, with the operational management of Packaging Meeting Srl.
  • Protagonists of the circular economy

    Sun Chemical, i.e. ideas and solutions for packaging printing, in line with the United Nations’ stated goals for sustainable development
  • “Green purchases” in single doses

    A solid reference reality for single-dose packaging at national and international level, at 40 years of age Valmatic has embraced with conviction the issues of sustainability. Result? Personalized products, functional services and successful partnerships, respecting the environment. Also in the chemical field.
  • For Ved Carta the future is green

    Reduce the environmental impact of your production cycle and provide packaging that is easy to dispose of and recycle. The good practices of the Lombard company Ved Carta, manufacturer of bags, trays, reels…
  • Circular economy and resource conservation with ultrasonic sealing

    A growing number of companies in the food sector choose to make their packaging with monomaterials and paper compounds to facilitate recycling at the end of its life. These options, aimed at improving the sustainability of the packaging, however, raise some critical issues during sealing, which can be easily solved thanks to Herrmann Ultraschall’s technology.